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My name is Bryce.


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That's tie-muh, in case you're wondering. But who am I? Well, I'm an odd character: intrigued by writing, nature, design, world travel, gaming, comedy, food, history, music, languages, and a whole lot more.

I've lived a large portion of my life in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, where I absorbed my fundamental education and also where I began sculpting my career. While honing my academic skills as an adolescent, I spent much of my spare time tinkering with computer hardware and software; this ultimately sparked my love for physical and digital media.

I finally had the opportunity to further explore this passion for media when I studied at The Center for Advanced Learning, where I dived into graphic design, filmmaking, website creation, all types of writing, marketing, and more.

Since technology has played such an integral role in my personal and academic life, it should come as no surprise that it remains important to my professional growth as well. More recently, I've represented respected brands like Squarespace and Apple, which are both pioneers in their own technological areas.

Aside from Portland, I also spent several years in Eugene, Oregon while I studied at the University of Oregon. There, I explored my love for linguistics: the study of language in all of its glorious forms. In particular, I found that the German language resonated with me, so I began to examine and digest it more intensely.

For a brief few months, I resided in Tübingen, Germany, where I directly soaked up the German language using all of my spare brain cells. From there, I used Germany as a travel hub, exploring other nearby destinations in my tangential excursions.

Now I've moved on to the next stage of my journey: Beijing, China. Throughout my time here, I have worked at English First and VIPKID, two of the largest internationally-recognized English education organizations. I have been involved in many aspects of ESL education, from teaching and tutoring students to optimizing the recruitment of new teachers.

However, as with most of us, I am constantly attempting to balance my professional endeavors with personal ones by seeking out some enjoyable activities...



In my spare time, I am often...

  • listening to interesting audiobooks or music
  • watching unique TV shows and movies
  • traveling the world
  • learning Chinese
  • dancing poorly
  • writing stories or journaling
  • tasting new cuisine
  • sleeping blissfully

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Communications Liaison, VIPKID


ESL Teacher, English First


Customer Operations Advisor, Squarespace


Specialist, Apple




Video & Voice Acting, Freelance




A Highest Place, Poem


Dialects in Eugene: Identifying Oregonian and Californian English, Research


Lonely Desperado, Poem


Much Love Foundation, Blog


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Current Home: Beijing, China

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